#HausOriginals P_FrmDaTribe - “Land N*gga”

#HausOriginals P_FrmDaTribe – “Land N*gga”

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The homie P_FrmDaTribe came through with another sizzler yesterday…a new joint featuring fellow Tribal Council spitter Roc Roll.

This one has a hazy feeling consistent with one of the Chief’s favorite pastimes, and I must say its pretty damn dope. I’ve expressed my love of the slowed down sound on more occasions than I can count, and my only gripe comes from the fact that I wish it was a little…

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If you follow us on Twitter or IG you’ll know we’ve been teasing this one for a while…

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If you follow us on Twitter or IG you’ll know we’ve been teasing this one for a while now…and with no further ado we, The Haus Collective, present for your listening pleasure:

:photo (9)

This compilation is comprised of a few artists that you may have already heard of, and as always a few that you may be hearing for the first time. The Muse Tape is meant to be twilight music…the kind of stuff you listen…

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Candi Fresca x Haus of Soup Present: #Petro

Candi Fresca x Haus of Soup Present: #Petro

photo (8)

photo (8)

(spotted over at WhatsFresca.com via Candi Fresca)

It’s been a short while since my last mixtape so for my latest project PETRO I pulled together some songs that I’ve been giving a lot of burn recently. Also linked with my homie Tev over at HausofSoup.com and he blessed me with cover art for your eyes. Here’s the flame for your ears:


Casey Veggies–…

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it was his voice 

it was his mouth
it was his lips 
in his eyes 
in his words
in his kiss
it wasn’t him 
it was his laugh
it was his teeth 
it was his tongue
cuz he was young… 
it was his speech
it was his shirt
it was his jeans
it was his scent
he wasn’t rude
he wasn’t mean
it wasn’t meant
it wasn’t him 
it was just me 
he wasn’t it 
- jhené aiko efuru chilombo 

(Source: nochurchinthewildarchive)

(Source: youtube-personalities)

(#HausMix no. 6 dropped the other day…check it out here!)


Modern artist Delano Brown Jr. hails from the DC-Maryland-Virginia area of the U.S. commonly referred to as the DMV. Baltimore to be exact. As a quick Google search of “YeahLano” will show you, this is one talented man. The 22 year-old with the gifted hands got his start as a tattooist, and found that his desire to design couldn’t be contained in just body art. No, Lano had to create. After all, he is the world’s first artrepreneur (yes, he made up a word too).

This is a guy who is inspired by life, and who wants to spread his good vibes to the world. This free spirited creator lets his life imitate his art, and vice-versa.

Exhibit ALano gets a dog.


Major (@yeahlano on Instagram)

Exhibit BLano turns said dog into art.

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His crisp, refreshingly detailed work offers a peek into the mind of one of the premiere artists of our generation. Having already been featured in the New York Times, Lano is very quickly embedding himself in the zeitgeist. When you are as talented as he is, the world is your canvas; Mr. Brown has left his mark on everything from skin, to garment, furniture, cars, homes and more. This guy will work his wrist and transform an ordinary object into a masterpiece. Though his wearable pieces are in hot demand these days, he has stated his long-term focus is art, and not strictly fashion.

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His work transcends industries, and his spirit is felt in every piece he lets go. Celebrities and taste makers alike have taken notice, and Lano’s pieces have been acquired by the like of Chris Brown, Kevin Durant, Fabolous, and have even been featured in hit music videos, like on Future in the “Love Me” video with Lil Wayne and Drake. And the list doesn’t end there.

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But don’t fret. Lano cares about us regular people too. Though his custom jobs may be pricey, LANOFORPUBLIC was created with us in mind. LANOFORPUBLIC is a line that Lano has recently decided to make in-house; bringing you upscale urbanwear straight from the man himself. “Wearable art” as he calls it. As an artist who specializes in exclusivity, Lano sure knows how to capitalize on being accessible. As recently as three days ago, he reportedly made over $50,000 moving LANOFORPUBLIC pieces in the 7 days prior.

His Instagram page might be one of the best visual experiences you can have for free. He uses it as a virtual portfolio, and I must say I appreciate it. He turns captions into hints for his treasure hunts, and even gets inspirational sometimes. There are more than a few nuggets that one can pick up from the @yeahlano page on IG. If you’re lucky enough, you may even catch him in your area, leaving these beautiful, unique pieces for people to find. For free.


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If you aren’t so lucky, you can head over to the newly redesigned LANOFORPUBLIC.com and shop his collections. Most of the pieces are available only for a limited time, or in limited quantities. So you might wanna move fast. Tell em the Haus sent you.

Keep scrolling for more Lano extras, and more aesthetic gems courtesy of Instagram:

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(Interview w/ The Center Mag roughly two years ago.)

Modern Artists Unlimited Showcase: Delano Brown

(#HausMix no. 6 dropped the other day…check it out here!) Modern artist Delano Brown Jr…

Modern Artists Unlimited Showcase: Delano Brown (#HausMix no. 6 dropped the other day…check it out here!) Modern artist Delano Brown Jr…
fun facts about girls with short hair
  • fact #1: we are NOT all lesbians.
  • fact #2: no, this was not the result of a haircut gone wrong.
  • fact #3: we can still wear headbands.
  • fact #5: no matter how many times you remind us it's short, we're aware our hair is fucking short.
  • fact #6: we are not our hair. regardless of what's on our scalps, we're damn beautiful.
Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness.
― Bertrand Russell (via psych-quotes)
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